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Eurus Hope Holmes is the middle child born to Timothy and Wanda Holmes. As a young girl, she orchestrated several accidents and was locked away as her sense of right and wrong never developed. Eurus was placed in the secure and secret Sherrinford Facility.


Killed Sherlock's best friend at age 6:
Eurus: He wanted to play hide and seek. I wanted to play too. Victor was alive in the well and I fed him until I was sent away.

Burned down the Holmes family’s home at age 6:
Eurus: I burned my bad pictures. The house was an accident. Maybe a fireplace would have been a better location.

Burned down the mental institution at age 7:
Eurus: Everything changed the last time everything burned down. I was hoping to go home.

Conspired with Moriarty:
Eurus: After nearly two decades, of solitary confinement, I was desperate for something to happen. I was trying to engage Sherlock's attention and play the way he wanted to play. He said he was a detective. I gave him things to detect and discover.

Killed several people, blew up Sherlock's flat, endangering everyone around and made John and Sherlock endure some screwed up games:
Eurus: See above. I ensured he wasn't bored and, for a few minutes, neither was I.

Made Sherlock break Molly’s heart
Eurus: I made him tell Molly how he felt and made him listen to how she really felt. Maybe he'll stop hurting her before she does something drastic to get his attention.

Wanted to force Sherlock into killing either Mycroft or John:
Eurus: See above confinement that was continued by Mycroft after he got to be in charge. He never listened to me. I tried to tell him what happened when I was little was just a game gone wrong. Eventually, I wanted to make Sherlock angry enough to end the boredom. On the plus side, now Mycroft knows that Sherlock loves him too.

Nearly let John drown:
Eurus: I was accused of the crime when I was younger. I suppose I might as well do it now since I'm being punished in solitary confinement for the last two decades. And maybe it will make Sherlock turn that last bullet on me. Mycroft isn't capable of killing me and I know Sherlock kills people if pushed.

I will push him.

I want to die.

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